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Fiber to Home in Shadman Town by NET-XS

Fiber to Home in Shadman Town by NET-XS

A Whole New Internet Experience

Consumers across the globe are switching to fiber backed connectivity; a medium that offers you faster speeds when compared to conventional wired/wireless service providers. NET-XS lets you tap into the true power of the Internet.


No more waiting. No more lags. No more buffering. NET-XS allows you to enjoy your internet experience without having you lose your precious time.


Don’t let downtime slow you down. NET-XS is a self-diagnosing ISP that will anticipate your problems and provide you uninterrupted services.


NET-XS gives you exclusive access to the fast-paced universe of online gaming, live streaming, movies, music, television and so much more.

NET-XS in Shadman Town, North Nazimabad, Karachi is most reliable fiber to the home internet Servive services provider. Powered by Transworld, Pakistan’s leading corporate ISP.

Fiberlink’s Optical Network built with the customer current & upcoming needs & challenges in mind. Our fiber optic connection is designed for both home and businesses seeking dedicated high-speed Connection that is secure, stable and cost-effective.

We have invested in building a fiber based network that brings reliable, fast, affordable and convenient services to your doorstep in Shadman Town, North Nazimabad, Karachi.

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